We get things done.


The A-team

We have a core team and a flexible shell so we always have the best people working on your project. We stay lean, agile, flexible to get the job done.

Creative Tech

Game developers, robotics engineers, UX specialists, app developers. A creative blend of tech for an unmatched result. A creative outlook that takes you as far that even outside the box is nothing to where you sit.

We Act

We don’t spend countless hours drafting documents, plans and creating overhead. We design, prototype, build and launch fast.


Design sprint, design iteration, ideation session, brainstorm — whatever name you put on it, its about design your product covering all bases in the most efficient way.

Draft mockups, wireframes and prepare everything for development. Yes this also includes our award winning design work from our UI and UX team who work hand in hand with the development team.


Thinking of something, as amazing as it is, is worth very little if it isn’t used. How will you ever know if what we designed will also deliver? We are at our core end-user and technically focused.

Because we always check with stakeholders if we are still building the right thing, we work agile. Though iterative development, we can adjust our course to build that right thing.


We’ve done this 150 times over, but it’s not just about submitting an app to the stores. We help you tweak business models, A/B-test and help you get the most traction and build your user base, draw in more customers and achieve that sweet 5-star rating.


So, enough with the tech talk. Call us and let’s talk some magic.

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