The creative power of technology.

Or as we prefer to call it ‘The Power of Magic’. Not in tricks or illusions, though it might look like that sometimes, which is good. Because let’s face it, you don’t think about CGI when you’re lost in a good movie do you? And when your phone rings, you don’t care about technology, you just want to talk to your mom.

Creative Tech

We could talk tech here — we love tech, we live tech. It gets us out of bed every morning and keeps us out of bed at night. But unless you are a nerd like us, chances are you don’t know the next thing about it; you just want it to solve your problems. Which is exactly what we do.

Creating Magic

With whatever piece of technology is available. And if it doesn’t exist, we’ll invent it. That’s when we shift into wizard mode and get creative. Because we all know: when nerds get creative, that’s when the magic happens.






For our client Deltares we developed a sensor that measures salinity of ground water. Nothing new, except that our simple sensor connects to a mobile app and can do the job for a few bucks instead of a few hundred. Giving third world countries the possibility to monitor water quality and take appropriate measures to protect their crops.


A compelling user story, a solid foundation, an amazing user experience and beautiful graphics. Of course we can’t do this alone. We focus on the technology. We can handle nearly every language, framework, service and API. We love the tech and through this we can ensure that you always get the best combination of tech for your solution that in turn solves your problem. For everything else we have partners. They help us in conceptual design, graphic design, copywriting, security and much more.

Some buzzwords: interaction design, UX design, graphic design, technical design, functional design, and design thinking.


Thinking of something, as amazing as it is, is worth very little if it isnt used. How will you ever know if what we designed will also deliver? We are at our core end-user and technically focused.

Because we always check with stakeholders if we are still building the right thing, we work agile. Though iterative development, we can adjust our course to build that right thing.

Our Pixies guide us through the happy paths, but also the unhappy paths. This all to protect us from the bugs we will definitely come across. Our buzzwords here: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, user testing, test driven development, growth hacking, rapid prototyping.

What it comes down to: seriously good code, built in the most efficient, low risk way possible.

Check out our capability statement.

For Whom

For anyone with an amazing idea. For you, who we believe in, that together we can bring disruption. We call on you: Creatives, Producers, Innovators and anyone who wants to build something magical. We find magic in the smallest and biggest things. From an app or website to the next voice assistant running your datacenter. From your wearable experience to running through different worlds by augmenting the reality through your phone.

So, enough with the tech talk. Call Emiel or Eric and let’s talk some magic.

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