Jobs at Pixplicity


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These are our current job openings. If none apply to you but you're still interested, don't hesitate to let us know! We're always looking to expand our network.

Are you a recruiter and do you have the ideal candidate for us? Then we're not interested; we prefer getting in contact with our new colleagues ourselves.

Utrecht, NL

Currently at least the following job openings at our Dutch office:

Producer / Project manager, Back-end dev, Front-end dev

Working at Pixplicity

Us Pixies are a creative bunch of geeks that love to tinker with technology. We work on a diverse variety of projects, with ample room for self-improvement, R&D, and fussball. Since we tend to adopt newest tech fast, your eagerness to learn is valued as least as much as your years of experience.

  • No Dutch required. All the communication between the team and with the clients is in English; Our team is from all over the globe.
  • We have some people working remotely but we'll prefer someone on-site at least part of the time (once the pandemic is over, of course!).

Do you think you fit in our team? Drop us a line and send us your resume, GitHub profile or your latest hobby project!

Job opening: Producer

Do you have an understanding of the whole production process and experience in software production for web and apps? Then you might be a Pixie!

A considerable part of work as a producer at Pixplicity revolves around the product development of software, using the latest technologies - and also producing campaigns, websites, and special projects that can vary from AR experiences to Instagram filters.


  • Manage projects from planning through to delivery. Using an agile approach; develop project scope documents, schedules and project requirement documents.
  • Be the client's partner. Promote trust and collaboration in our working relationships. Manage scope, client expectations and ensure client satisfaction.
  • Resource planning. Assess each project's needs, identify the skills necessary and define the team. Coordinate resource booking with management.
  • Team management. Implement project management tools and methodologies most relevant for each project. Track and communicate project milestones and progress to team members and ultimately responsible for on-time delivery.
  • Identify and manage risks. Throughout a project, foresee potential problems and proactively work towards a solution, bringing in the right people to help solve each issue.
  • Actively work together with management to maximise the efficiency; quality and profitability of each project.

Experience requirements

  • Understanding of the Agile and Scrumban working methods; preferably experience as a Scrum master.
  • At least 2 years of experience with demonstrated success in managing projects.
  • Experience or interest in campaign driven and/or long-term software productions (i.e. e-commerce or apps).
  • Experience in collaborative project management tools such as Jira, Confluence, Harvest (Forecast), Trello, and/or others.
  • Excellent communication skills in English: we use English as our official language at work, so you need to be fluent and comfortable with it during meetings, presentations and also writing documents.

Job opening: Front end

For one project we are looking for a front-end developer:

  • medior/senior developer experienced with Vue.js, or, if you're comfortable in React for web and similar tech in such extent that you are confident you'll pick up Vue rather quickly.

If possible we prefer (near) full-time, and some experience with Google Firebase, browser extensions, and security.

You will be solely responsible for maintaining, improving and updating a browser extension and website. Other members in the team work on the API, UI/UX design, SEO and marketing, and mobile apps. You will not be doing only boring maintenance and bugfixing stuff: we're working on a new API implementation and a complete redesign of the UX and UI. You'll be working with a remote team (English speaking) and you are welcome to do so from our office in Utrecht or from home.

Job opening: Back end / Front end / Full-stack

We have several projects that require back-end work: existing projects that require both maintenance and major feature updates, but we're also working on new ones that you can design from scratch.

Python/Django/React full-stack developer

One of our most creative projects is a platform that we have launched with great success for several big artists and famous influencers, and it hit the top charts many times. It is an innovative and technically challenging combination of mobile apps, a CMS , and a live streaming component.

For this project we are looking for:

  • medior/senior dev experienced with Python/Django, React, and PostgreSQL;

This project uses many components of the Amazon cloud that we need you to be experienced with: S3, EC2 and RDB, as well as the Simple Email Service, Aurora, VPC... you name it.

Experience with Google Cloud Platform, Google Firebase, Kubernetes is an advantage, and because all our front-ends are React it would be awesome if you have some experience with that as well.

NodeJS/MongoDB backend developer

Imagine a social platform that helps users get in touch with likeminded people, handling thousands of location-based requests every second. Can you work with that? Then we are looking for you!

  • medior/senior backend dev experienced with NodeJS, Loopback, and MongoDB;

Experience with Google Cloud Platform, Google Firebase, Kubernetes is an advantage, and because all our front-ends are React it would be awesome if you have some experience with that as well.

Nice to have

Are you experienced with backend technology that is not in this list, but do you think you can still help us out? Feel free to reach out anyway!

Experience with the iOS/Android SDKs, SOLID principles of clean code, and for experience with multiple platforms (Android and iOS, or web development, etc). Knowledge of TensorFlow, Flutter, React Native is definitively a big bonus.

Feel free to contact us