Leystad Airport


Lelystad Airport Runway Scheduling App

The Challenge

With the preparations of becoming a commercial airport, Lelystad embarked on a journey to find a way to schedule the amateur and recreational flights in a way that was compliant with the authorities. But how do you do this in both a future proof way and a way that does not infringe on the way of operating that these pilots are used to. Together with Global Orangen and the Airport Creators Pixplicity took on the challenge to solve this not just for Lelystad, but for airports in general.

The Idea

Three simple steps help pilots to plan their General Aviation flight. All wrapped in a super intuitive beautiful design. The Lelystad Airport Runway Scheduling App allows pilots to plan, change or cancel a flight up to an hour before take-off. It also keeps pilots updated of the airport’s operational situation. If necessary, a pilot can plan their activity around the airport rush. This with the help of the distribution algorithm that helps predict and manage the schedule. Simply select the activity of your choice. Bear in mind the VFR / IFR arrival or departure. Then select the preferred date and time. As soon as that’s done , the app automatically shows the availability. After confirming your activity, the app takes you back to the home screen, which shows all your planned flights.

The Solution

Using a proprietary algorithm to predict the amount of traffic on the runway, the system suggests the optimal time to reserve the runway. Available for mobile, web and tablet, this app allows pilots and flight schools alike to reserve slots quickly, and safely.


The Results

Not without its pushback the app has become the official tool for Runway Scheduling at Lelystad Airport with interest from other airports in among others Dubai, Singapore and France. The simplicity and design were complimented and accepted among a traditional user base.


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