We believe in…


Pixplicity is all about creating magic. We take on all challenges and apply our technical expertise in the most creative way to make the world a bit more magical. Our smartwatch alerts you of the best snow conditions at your favorite shredding location. We let you test-drive a new tattoo using AR. We’ve developed a sensor to measure salinity in groundwater in third-world countries, a 100 times cheaper than existing methods.

Never stop learning

We are a special breed of people. Curious to the core, we never stop learning. Do we make apps? Yes we do! Do we solder sensors on circuit boards? Of course! Do we use <insert technology X>? Yep! And if we haven’t, we’ll figure it out. Our 3D printer is running 24/7 to build awesome prototypes, but also to fix that broken part of the drawer for the USB cables. One of our devs decided he could make a better smart thermostat than the one he had at home so he did. We experiment and play with new tech as much as possible so we can figure out the best way to help you. This means that one day we’ll be making native apps for iOS or Android, the next we’ll be using Flutter for quick prototyping, or we’ll turn our whiteboard into a virtual AR experience. The new things we learn, both in professional and personal settings, make Pixplicity what it is.


Your ideas, ambitious and hunches are the triggers for us to help you build exactly what you envisioned, and more. This is why we want to work together with clients that can push our limits with crazy ideas. Forget about out-of-the-box — we're looking for out-of-this-world. The crazier your idea, the bigger the challenge for us, and quite frankly, the more fun we'll have along the way.

We work with agencies to realise the creative vision that they have built for their clients. We work with innovators to help their company take a leap forward with a new app, website, or voice assistant. We thrive on your ideas, and finding the way to make it a reality is what we live for.


We approach each solution from the desired result, and work our way back. This means we never start with what tech we use but how to apply our collective knowledge to bring you the best solution. Whether we build you app in Swift, Kotlin or Flutter. Your web app in PHP, Python, Node.js or in the cloud with Firebase.

Building hardware doesn’t stop when it works. We can help you every step from designing a case to 3D-printing or lasercutting prototypes, to writing the firmware and a smartphone app to configure it all wirelessly. With or without machine-learning using Tensorflow, or a voice-controlled conversational UI.


Programming is just one of the things we do. Our team members teach courses, are regular speakers at countless conferences, they organize events, are design sprint leaders, scrum masters, UX experts, hardware tinkerers and thinkers, and the list goes on. If you want to pick our brains, you should contact us.