We Build Websites We Build Apps We Build Custom Hardware We Build Connected Devices / Internet of Things We Build Robots We Build Artificial Intelligence We Build Augmented and Mixed Reality We Build Virtual Reality

We design magic. We build

websites, apps, hardware, connected things, robots, AI, AR & VR

with any tech that we can get creative with.

Our diverse team of engineers creatively combines relevant tech from across the spectrum to bring you a solution for your business that others would not have thought of.


Smart Watch 


For Nixon we helped create stylish but highly relevant and information-rich watch faces, watch apps and companion phone apps.


Salinity Sensor 


A groundwater salinity sensor that plugs into the audio jack of your mobile phone, 100× cheaper than existing equipment.


Dealer App 


We helped BMW dealers reconnect to their clients through a customer loyalty app that turned every BMW into a smart car.

What We Do

Tech and people are the best combination, and having them work together is pure magic. We designs, build, and maintain <x>insert solution</x>. As a team of creative supernerds, we look at marketing and business challenges through a completely unique lens. With a full spectrum of existing and emerging technologies at our disposal, we're free from pushing any one product, process or technology. Instead, we create magic.


With design we deliver a roadmap to achieve a unique expectation. Together with you we create things that the world, including us, never thought were possible.


As beautiful a design may be, holding it in your hands is when it comes alive. We make magic real by building it. Be it in the form of a website, app, talking desk, smart or a less scary AI powered HALL. Without limitations to our technical capabilities, we build magic.

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Our Latest Innovations

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