Nike and Intersport

Displays with smart shelves

To make shopping in brick-and-mortar stores more streamlined, we created interactive displays that show relevant content when customers pick up products from our smart shelves.

The Challenge

No-one interacts with interactive displays

Because why would they? Touchscreens are often mistaken for static displays that push commercials, and it is often quicker to ask an employee than to look for information on a touchscreen.

The Idea

Smart shelves

But what if the relevant content was played as soon as you pick up a product? No searching, no waiting: immediate and seamless information.

The Solution

NFC-sensors and stickers

Using a sensor integrated in the shelf, and low-cost NFC or RFID stickers on the products, we created a display that could not only service the customer with relevant information, we could also measure and track engagement per product and per video.

The Results

Powerful analytics

We turned a boring wall of products into a colorful, interactive display that was actually helpful to the customer. But even more so, we created a powerful source of data that could track in detail and in real-time how, how long and how often customers were interacting with products. This helped our client figure out not only which products were the most engaging, but also which content was most helpful, most enticing, and what triggered most customers to buy a product.


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